The firm Quick dry cleaners was founded by S. Parsan Singh in 1959 when he returned to Chandigarh after  a  decade of training-cum-working in Delhi. In spite of agriculturist background, he started his own Dry cleaning shop in Chandigarh. Starting with a flat work iron and a vintage dry cleaning machine. Parsan Singh worked assiduously, building the business on a shoestring.

           In 1980 the tradition was then passed to S.Dalbir Singh, who after doing graduation, learnt the trade from his father. In 90’s he went to open his own new store at the present location. In the ensuing years we have improved every aspect of the business, from machinery and equipment to techniques and procedures. The work has been rewarded with a steady growth in business. Since then we’ ve  expanded our business to two other locations for your convenience. The work isn’t over; however, Every one at Quick is committed to make it the finest cleaning facility in Punjab. Quick dry cleaners have been serving Chandigarh and surrounding area for more than 40 years. We are truly fortunate to occupy one of the finest cleaning facilities in  this area of Punjab State. 


Tradition began in 1959 when, in spite of the agriculturist back ground, S. Parsan Singh started his own dry cleaning shop, named QUICK Dry Cleaners at chandigarh after ten years of training-cum-working in leading dry cleaning stores at Delhi.

  The tradition was then passed on to S. Dalbir Singh who learned the trade from his father and after doing graduation, went on to open the shop at the present location. The business has been extended to two other locations also.


          Our mission is to provide you, the very best services in the dry cleaning industry at the very fair and reasonable rates. Quality is the main concern at Quick, and special attention is given to each individual garment, insuring the customer’s satisfaction and expectations. 


"Being the best is better than being the cheapest."


"One Coupon per person per order per day."

We offer two other locations ------------

 S.C.O. 78, Sector 61(Phase7), S.A.S.Nagar - Chandigarh-160 059 
>   Booth No.46, Sector 60 (Phase3B-2), S.A.S.Nagar - Chandigarh-160 059 

Our Business hours: 9.00 A.M. - 8.00 P.M. 
Sunday Closed 

We accept VISA CARD, Master Card, American Express credit card. 

Our Company is a member of the following associations:

>  The Punjab Dry Cleaners & Dyers Association (Regd.) 
>  Dry Cleaners Association of S.A.S. Nagar (Mohali) 

In keeping with our policy of continual Service, we welcome your comments & suggestions

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